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Trip to Oxford for Endeavour filming

On Sunday 6 June I went to Oxford to watch filming of my favourite drama Endeavour. I’ve been to this in the past but so far not this series as I haven’t been travelling until now the pandemic has begun to ease.

It was such a nice day in the end and I feel really grateful for it.

I always arrive there not really believing that the whispers I’ve heard of the filming dates and locations will actually prove true. And then, every time, I walk round a corner and either see one of the old vehicles or the hubbub of the crew, and it just feels like magic.

That day we saw Shaun Evans, Sara Vickers and Director Kate Saxon filming scenes on old buses. I had never realised Sara was so petite, she was like a beautiful little doll, I was so charmed by her. It was also nice to see Kate Saxon again who has become a integral member of #TeamEndeavour. And as for our beloved main man I need say no more!

When the filming broke for lunch I went with other fans to Vaults & Garden. When we’d been here in 2019 to be honest I wasn’t that impressed, but it seems now they are on the top form you’d expect from this classic Oxford venue, as you can see from the pictures. I had a Skinny Cappuccino and carrot cake and it was perfect. There was a really nice atmosphere too, I was sitting inside but near a wide open door to the terrace and it felt very airy and spacious.

I only visit Oxford now for Endeavour, I only like the place when they’re there, like the circus is in town.

I’m not sure there will be any more Endeavour. But I really look forward to making little pilgrimages to see the team in their new projects, and getting coffees along the way of course!