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Loughton High Road, Essex

I was driving through on what happened to be a really scorching Saturday and it looked so lovely on the High Road with the people sitting outside the little cafés and restaurants so I decided I would stop for a bit on my way back.

In particular I’d seen this Wimpy bar which you don’t see much of any more so that was quaint and reminded me of the old days.

I went into Caffè Nero and it was really lovely inside. I would definitely go back to this branch.

Here is my Skinny Cappuccino with chocolate on top.

A lady brought in the most perfect chihuahua.

Loughton is full of ladies who look like they’ve just stepped out of the salon, and their pooches too.

This lady I spotted by another café is #goals.

There’s a Benefit boutique.

I passed a dog-grooming salon and boutique called Pet-a-Pawter. Inside they had really high-quality things and were grooming a dog at the back behind the window and looked like they were doing a very good job. The lady was also friendly and said she hoped I would give a shout-out on the blog!