Dog Events

First Half of September Round-Up

At the core of their campaigning and fundraising work PAAW House which stands for Pets Are Always Welcome advocate for pet-friendly homes.

The PAAWstival 2021 Charity Dog Awards and Mini Festival was a chic and polished afternoon at The Happenstance bar in St Paul’s.

There is a good write-up of the day here.

One of the nominees attending was Lyndsey Uglow who has recently brought out a book Leo & Friends: The Dogs with a Healing Touch about her pack of Golden Retrievers who work as therapy dogs at Southampton Children’s Hospital. I was excited to meet these dogs I follow on Twitter, and if some celebrities that you meet are disappointing – these have real star quality! They are big and so calm and reassuring. I felt my anxiety begin to melt as I placed my hand on one of the Dogtor’s heads!

The following Sunday I was on my way to All Dogs Matter Highgate Wood Dog Show when by chance I passed The Dog Olympix in Whittington Park.

I stopped for a while and they explained they are trying to raise money to get a Water Drinking Fountain for the park.

In Highgate Wood, it was really nice to see so many people out and about again after a long time for a large All Dogs Matter event.

I got the chance to meet Jane Elson, author of Moon Dog which is on my reading list, and dog expert and broadcaster Anna Webb.

Some familiar faces from TV were Michelle Collins and Kevin O’Sullivan who are long-term All Dogs Matter supporters.

It was by The Pavilion Café whose food looked nice and freshly-cooked and I would like to try lunch there one day although they did say they don’t have Skimmed Milk.

In other coffee news, Starbucks have confirmed we are officially into Pumpkin Spice Season!

Are you feeling autumnal? 🍂