Dog Events

Corgi Café returns!

Corgis were one of the dominant motifs during the recent Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and in celebration of this historical moment we enjoyed the Pop + Bark Corgi Café event which you can read more about here.

The great news though is this was not just temporary corgi fever! Corgi Café returned for a second event and was again a huge success.

Pop + Bark are dog event specialists and don’t disappoint. The cute bright yellow mini sun lounger at the entrance epitomised the ‘Summer of Love’ Swinging Sixties-inspired theme that they’d chosen for this bash to close out summer.

In a way this event was more relaxed than the Jubilee one.

The location was the plush Devonshire Terrace (a Drake & Morgan location like the first event) just across the road from Liverpool Street station and where you can order from a menu of drinks, coffees and food by scanning the QR code on the table.

The corgi guests ran all over the place with their typically irreverent personalities.

Congregating at the bar:

I tend to think of corgis as small dogs but am always reminded when I encounter them that they are actually quite chunky units!

The original staples of this event were in attendance; Rudi’s the Doggy Bakery, The Crafty Dog Co, The Dog Photographer (Raven Imagery) and the mobile Pop + Bark Pupuccino bar with its range of toppings.

It’s always striking to see that number of corgis out en masse, and as the demand is there hopefully Corgi Café will stay a regular fixture of the Pop + Bark calendar.