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The Barkery pop-up, Liverpool Street station

I was passing through Liverpool Street station when I saw this new kiosk, The Barkery!

The ‘High Street’ feel was striking as I usually see this kind of business at specialist dog events.

I like the ‘popular foods’ style menu such as the WUFFle, and these Duck and Bangers & Mash cakes.

They company describe themselves like this:

‘We’re creating waves in the Dog industry by opening dog bakeries inside HUMAN shopping malls! (We’ve got you doggies!) Why should we always have the Millies Cookies & The Krispy Kreme! It’s about time we did this for the dogs!’

They currently have eight kiosks around the country in Nottingham, Sheffield, Glasgow, Livingston, Norwich, Watford, Sunderland, and the North East, plus their production unit in Ashfield.

Their range also contains some dog grooming products and dog fashion.

This pop-up is their first store in London.

You can find them in Liverpool Street station until 27 November, and then Charing Cross railway station from 29 November to 2 January.