Foyer Café Bar, Shakespeare’s Globe 🎄

Shakespeare’s Globe

I always love going into Shakespeare’s Globe if I’m nearby.

They have the incredible resource of the Shakespeare quotes and they make great use of it!

These are written around on the walls, and the Shop has an incredible range of amazing Shakespeare-themed items.

Swan at the Globe, Foyer Café Bar, and Shop

I laughed that they even have this Plague Rat!

At the Swan Bar & Restaurant you can get Shakespeare-themed afternoon teas which would be nice to try with someone one day.

The Foyer Café Bar on the ground floor just beneath the Shop, and also a part of Swan, looked very inviting to me.

There were lots of warm pies and a reassuring aroma of coffee brewing.

I got a black coffee because I didn’t think they had Skimmed Milk plus I decided to treat myself to this Cheese Pocket Pie for lunch.

I found it cute that this is actually called a cucumber sandwich – it made me think of the Oscar Wilde quote!

It’s not a huge space but if you can get a seat there’s a convivial atmosphere.

The Fir Tree

I was at the Globe to see The Fir Tree.

This is a re-imagining of the Hans Christian Andersen tale by Globe resident writer Hannah Khalil.

It is about a small fir tree desperate to grow up – but who has some life lessons to learn!

‘I want to know what the other trees know.
Go where the other trees go.
Where do they go? Do you know?’

This contemporary version has a strong environmental message.

It felt like very pure theatre, in this ‘wooden O’, with the main audience standing under falling rain in the Yard, so close to the small cast of actors on stage wearing cosy winter clothes and holding props crafted from cardboard.