Dog cafes

King’s Dog Daycare & Café, Chelsea

Discovering a new place

I recently started a new job and was very excited to spot a dog café, King’s Dog Daycare and Café, near the office.

Also when I introduced myself to new colleagues and told them about my blog many responded by asking if I knew this café.

They also said there is ‘a dog in there that looks like a lion’!


What’s interesting is you can book a Pet-A-Pooch session to play with the in-house dogs.

I’ve more often seen this kind of concept with Cat Cafés.

With dog cafés usually you bring your own dog, so a customer on their own might not end up actually engaging with any dogs.

So I think there is a definite place for this.

King Louie 👑

The dog that looks like a lion is King Louie the Chow Chow.

What I especially loved was his nonchalant air – truly living up to his King status!

Here he is as all the other dogs make their entrance!

(Notice little Lyra jump up on my leg at the end!)

The face of His Highness is all around!

The session

The session is £20 for 45 minutes and you get a coffee included.

The staff were welcoming and the atmosphere with the other people on the slot was good.

The dogs I met all had a gentle and playful temperament.

There are a range of dogs you might meet all listed on this wall.

You will be given some dog treats to hand out and this will definitely make the dogs come up to you!

The space is very nicely-designed so there are lots of Instagram opportunities.

Shop and Daycare

If you would like to sit in for a coffee outside the Pet-A-Pooch experience then you can do this from 7am to 11am each day. The café also serves some light pastries.

More information about the daycare and grooming services available can be found on the King’s Dog Daycare & Café website.