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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Café

The Queen and Corgi Cafés During the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II there was heightened interest in what was famously The Queen’s favourite dog, the Corgi. You can read about…

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Chiswick House Dog Show – 2022

I really enjoyed this event. There was a great atmosphere with lots of people around smiling. I spotted a famous actor that I’m a fan of just enjoying the day with…

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Artist sitting at an art stall

Chelsea Dog Day

This was Chelsea’s first dog festival to celebrate being one of London’s most dog-friendly neighbourhoods. At the core was The Four Legged Foodies market set up in Duke of York Square,…

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Corgis on mini sun lounger

Corgi Café returns!

Corgis were one of the dominant motifs during the recent Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and in celebration of this historical moment we enjoyed the Pop + Bark Corgi Café event which you…

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Anya Houndmarch

Fashion accessories designer Anya Hindmarch is known for her bold, playful designs that transform the everyday into wearable art, such as the Crisp Packet Clutch and the I Am A Plastic…

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The Four Legged Foodie Fest

The Four Legged Foodies is a great directory of dog-friendly places to eat out in London. The Four Legged Social Club hold some events, and this was the first Four Legged…

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First Half of September Round-Up

At the core of their campaigning and fundraising work PAAW House which stands for Pets Are Always Welcome advocate for pet-friendly homes. The PAAWstival 2021 Charity Dog Awards and Mini Festival…

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